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Florida House has an intern program that provides work experience and contacts in Washington D.C. for young Floridians. Interns generally work in the summer during, or just after, college. Internships are six weeks long and nominal pay of $1,000 is offered to help off set expenses. Space is limited and positions are competitive. Here are some of our current and past interns.

If you know a young person interested in becoming a Florida House intern, please refer them to or call us at 202.546.1555. If you are interested in sponsoring one of the Florida House interns, the $1,000 stipend enables these young Floridians to more ably afford their six week stay in Washington. Please call Florida House President, Bart Hudson for details. Trustees may support an application with a letter of recommendation addressed to "Intern Program" at Florida House. This application may be given to a young friend interested in the Florida House intern program.

Click HERE to Download Florida House's Intern Application Form

Please forward your application form, cover letter and resume to: Florida House • Number One Second Street, NE • Washington, D.C. 20002 • Phone: (202) 546-1555

Our 2014 Interns:

Devan Coffaro

Mackenzie Johnson

SSgt. Raymond Matheny, II

Elizabeth 'Betsy' McDonald

Lindsey Steck

Kathryn Krebs

Our 2013 Interns: 

Karlie LaCroix

Catherine Salm

Andrew Hamaty

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