1845 Society Members

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The 1845 Society honors and celebrates those who have shown extraordinary effort on behalf of Florida House. This award is not given on a regular or annual basis. It is the highest award Florida House presents. The first inductee, Rhea Chiles, Founder and Chairman Emeritus, was presented with the inaugural Louise Lykes Ferguson Medal in November, 2003, in honor of her contribution, commitment and passion for Florida House.

                                                2016             Grace and Bill Nelson
                                                2013             Emilie and Clay Shaw
                                                2011              Gus Stavros
                                                2009            Eileen and Loyd Kelly
                                                2008            Snead Davis
                                                2007            Elizabeth Lindsey
                                                2006            Sarah McKay
                                                2004            Adele and Bob Graham
                                                2003            Rhea Chiles



Mrs. Louise Ferguson and Rhea Chiles, the first

Lousie Lykes Ferguson Medal recipient.

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