Board History

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Founder, Chairman Emeritus  (1930 - 2015)

Rhea Chiles

Trustees Emeritus

Lupe Burt

Gray Coulter

Louise Lykes Ferguson, Active

William Henry*

Bill Hussey

D. Burke Kibler*

Elizabeth Lindsay, Active

Sarah D. McKay, Active

Emilie Shaw, Active

Donald Simpson

Amory Underhill*


Ex Officio Trustees

First Lady Ann Scott, Honorary Chairman

Grace Nelson, Senior Vice Chairman

Pat Mica, Senior Vice Chairman

Past Board Presidents

Rhea Chiles

Richard Farrell

Janet R. Studley

Deanna Pitman Kirchman

Stephanie Sears Edwards

Anne Barnett Hazel

Sandy Baldwin Thomas

Michael R. Hightower

Terri R. Shikany

Cynthia B. O'Connell

Ralph Marrinson




    1. Attend two Board Meetings each year to advise and support the Board in its role as the governing body, creating and sustaining the rules and policies of theThe Board meeting in Florida in the fall and Washington, D.C. in the spring.  The dates are set when the year’s Congressional Calendar is finalized.
    2. Assist in developing the annual budget, provide financial oversight and ensure that proper financial controls are in place.
    3. Serve on or advise the organization’s standing committees.


  1. Support the mission of Florida House and the short and long-term strategies set forth by the Board to ensure successful operations and resources.
  2. Serve as an ambassador for Florida House within one’s own community.


  1. Make a minimum yearly financial commitment, the amount which is set by the Board.
  2. Engage with other Trustees in geographical areas (chapters) for fundraising purposes, and participate in donor cultivation andAs Florida House is solely supported by private contributions, fundraising is a primary Trustee function.  Each chapter is charged with yearly raising $15,000 to support Florida House.

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