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    In the dog days of summer it is easy to find yourself escaping the heat by channel-surfing, either online or on TV.  Last weekend I stumbled across a show, "How To Do Florida" with host Chad Crawford.  The premise is there is a lot to do outdoors in Florida - including, in this episode, visiting a guest ranch.  Yes, Florida meets cowboy.  About an hour south of Orlando is Creek Ranch.  You can rent the entire ranch for a party of eight, or rooms for you and your family.  And while you are there, you can ride a swamp buggy, fish, horseback ride, learn to rope or go on an airboat ride.  And your own chef is included.  Spoiler Alert:  Even though the host fell off his horse and broke his arm, the story was compelling.  Each episode is followed by Fresh from Florida chef Justin Timineri cooking something delicious with our state's products.  Yum!  Going online you can watch previous episodes:  Shark Tooth Diving, Coral Reef Restoration, Snuba and RVing to name a few.  If you are in the Sunshine State or getting ready to visit or are just plain hungry for some fresh Florida seafood, check out this site.

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