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Tallahassee Trustees Host Event Supporting Florida House

The Sunday afternoon party at the home of Cindy O'Connell and her husband Dan McCarthy celebrated Florida history and literacy.  First Lady Ann Scott welcomed the group and 2013 Florida House Distinguished Author Harvey Oyer entertained everyone with his Adventures of Charlie Pierce children's book series.

 t cindy  dan copy 

Dan McCarthy and Cindy O'Connell welcome the group to their home.

t mrs scott copy

First Lady Ann Scott addresses the group about the importance of reading and literacy.

t oyer copy

Harvey Oyer entertains the group with the Adventures of Charlie Pierce.

Fall Board of Trustees Meeting at Boca Grande, Florida

 fall adamputnam Commissioner Adam Putnam

fall development









Committee Meetings    

fall patsy

     fall mckay

                                                                                                                           Dr. Sarah McKay

fall sunset

Beautiful sunset at Boca Grande

We love school visits...

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